Lab Personnel

Dr. William McCleary
William McCleary Principal Investigator
Ph.D., Microbiology, University of California, Berkley, 1990
B.S., Microbiology, Brigham Young University, 1982
Stewart Gardner Stewart Gardner Graduate Student
Completed a Ph.D. in Microbiology 2014
From: Manhattan, Kansas
Kristi Johns Kristi Johns Research Assistant
Completed M.S. in Molecular Biology 2013
From: Washington, D.C.
Michael Barrus Michael Barrus Lab Assistant
Attending Medical School
Major: B.S., Microbiology
From: Thousand Oaks, California
Rebecca Tanner Rebecca Tanner Research Assistant
Stay-at-home mom
Major: B.S., Microbiology
From: Mesa, Arizona
Casey Callison Casey Callison Undergraduate Student
Graduated from BYU applying to dental school
Major: B.S., Nutritional Science
From: Dallas, Texas
Kirk Richardson Kirk Richardson Undergraduate Student
Graduated from BYU
Major: B.S., Microbiology
From: Eagle, Idaho

David Scow
David Scow Undergraduate Student
Graduated from BYU
Major: Medical Laboratory Sciences
From: Henderson, Nevada